Alexandra Brockmans, head of Dreams Franchises & I. in the Caribbean area

We are pleased to announce the opening of our delegation in the Caribbean, in our beloved Dominican Republic.

In the hands of the successful German businesswoman Mrs. Alexandra Brockmans, our company Dreams Franchises & Investment opened its first office in Sosua, Puerto Plata

We are very pleased to be able to count on Mrs. Alexandra Brockmans, who will be responsible for Dreams Franchises & I. throughout the Caribbean area

Alexandra Brockmans person well known for his professionalism in the old island of Hispaniola, manager, expert in protocol and hospitality, qualities that he has demonstrated extensively in several business initiatives, the most recent being his Morua Mai restaurant.

It remains for the annals of the recent history of the business world of the Island, the overwhelming success of the inauguration of "The Dome", the most exclusive leisure complex in the entire Dominican Republic, with Alexandra Brockmans the captain in command.

In the same way, there were many others, such as "The Ocean Club" and at the moment "The Sandy Butler's", a Real Estate company, where it currently occupies its coveted time, with assets for sale such as some of the best and most luxurious villas throughout the Caribbean.

Ms. Alexandra Brockmans is a very socially active person, with a large network of social, business, tourism and political connections.

As a successful entrepreneur, she is very knowledgeable about the most prestigious and luxury international firms and the best positioned business formulas from different sectors.

The success of Dreams Franchises & Investment in the Caribbean is assured !!!